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Seegene to Introduce Automated Development of in silico-based Multiplex Real-time PCR Assays

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  • Customized assay design that dramatically reduces development time and cost
  • Looking for potential local strategic partners in molecular diagnostics


SEOUL, South Korea, Aug 2, 2016 – Seegene, Inc.(096530KQ), a leading developer of multiplex real-time PCR technologies announced that it has introduced the world’s first automated development of in silico-based multiplex real-time PCR assays. Real-time PCR is the best method for molecular diagnostics but its development process is complicated due to extensive development period and high cost. With an in silico-based development solution, SGsilico, Seegene has greatly simplified the process of Real-time PCR assay development and is looking to expand its use in molecular diagnostics. This automated solution can reduce the assay development time significantly from a typical 3-12 months down to less than a week. Furthermore, the cost of development process can be reduced to as low as one tenth of the conventional development. Once the customer provides the detection targets, the customer will be provided with read y-to-use, fully configured custom assay kit including oligonucleotides, optimal enzyme and multiplex real-time PCR condition. By computing all possible factors to design the best optimal sets of oligos for the given targets, development failure rate is extremely low. This enables customer to immediately apply Seegene’s customized assay in their research without a complicated development process.

Seegene digitalized its proprietary real-time PCR technologies, simplified assay with its universal oligo, and these were incorporated with in-silico-based development solution. This gave birth to SGsilico, Seegene’s automated real-time PCR assay development. Seegene offers best-in-class proprietary technologies, DPO™, TOCE™, and MuDT™, for simultaneous amplification and quantitative detection of multiple targets without sacrificing specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility. These are the only real-time PCR technologies currently available that ensure high multiplex and quantitative information. Seegene carried out digitalization of these technologies that successfully work with various PCR instruments. Additionally, Seegene has developed a new universal fluorescent-labeled oligo system, SGoligo, which can be universally applied to different targets regardless of target types and is anticipated to result in tremendous cost reduction. This made it possible for Seegene to develop a full line-up of products including custom, in silico-based single to multiplex real-time PCR assay development. In addition to its current diagnostic market, Seegene plans to progressively expand its target market into research and other applied markets. According to Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, Founder and CEO of Seegene, “SGsilico is by far the best solution in regards to its simplicity, time savings, and cost effectiveness in assay development. This solution can be used in research areas such as infectious diseases, cancers, and other genetic disorders. Seegene’s technology can also be implemented in various non-human diagnosis areas such as food safety, animal, and plant.” Dr. Chun added “This will be the technology standard that will replace current real-time PCR technologies.”
Seegene has subsidiaries in United States, Canada, Italy, and the Middle-East, a branch office in Germany, and a Joint Venture (JV) in Mexico. Seegene is looking for strategic partnerships with potential joint ventures who have local and nationwide business network. 

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For more information, visit or contact Jason Bae (, Tel: 82-2-2240-4081)

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