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Automated solutions for extraction and PCR
Seegene STARlet

Automated extraction and PCR set up for medium to large size labs with high throughput.

  • Autoload barcode scanning
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Built-in UV lamp for decontamination of residual DNA/RNA
Ordering Information:

Cat. No. 67930-03

  • 8 channels
  • Extraction throughput: 96 samples in 2.5 hours
  • Positional accuracy: 0.1 mm on X-Y-Z
  • 1,124 (W) x 795 (D) x 903 (H) mm
  • Weight: 135 kg
  • Maximum Power consumption: 600 W (depending on configuration)
Seegene NIMBUS

Automated extraction and PCR set up for smaller labs with lower volumes.

  • Handheld barcode scanning
  • Built-in UV lamp for decontamination of residual DNA/RNA
Ordering Information:

Cat. No. 65415-03

  • 4 channels
  • Extraction throughput: 40 samples in 1.6 hours; 72 samples in 2.5 hours
  • Dispensing accuracy (when using 300 µL tip): 10 µL: 3%, 50 µL: 1.5%, 300 µL: 1%
  • 1,041 (W) x 673 (D) x 800 (H) mm
  • Weight: 101.4 kg
  • Maximum power consumption: 600W
CFX96™ Dx
CFX Opus Real-Time PCR Systems
CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System

 Compact and easy to use real-time PCR instrument.

  • Quick installation and factory-calibrated optics for set up of the system in seconds
  • Fast thermal cycling produces results in <30 minutes
  • Reliable results obtained with low sample volumes
  • Up to 4 instruments can be controlled by a single computer
  • Sample capacity: 96
  • Range: 0~100˚C
  • Maximum Ramp Rate: 5˚C/sec
  • Average Ramp Rate: 3.3˚C/sec
  • Detection Channel: 6
  • Dimensions: 330 (W) x 460 (D) x 360 (H) mm
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Maximum power consumption: 850 W

The CFX96™ Dx/Touch/Opus instrument is to be purchased directly from Bio-Rad. Seegene does not distribute the instrument in the US. PLEASE CONTACT BIO-RAD FOR ORDERING INFORMATION.

Seegene Launcher

Operation software for Seegene’s multiplex assays.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-assay PCR setup
  • Applicable for multiple sample types
  • Reagent traceability
  • LIS connectivity (including HL7)
Seegene Viewer

Automated data analysis for multiplex real-time PCR.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Simultaneous analysis for multiple assays
  • Automated data interpretation
  • Optimized for Seegene technology
  • LIS connectivity (including HL7)
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