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About Us

Seegene USA, Inc is a subsidiary of Seegene, Inc., South Korea’s leading molecular diagnostics company, founded in 2000 in Seoul, South Korea by Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO. Seegene USA, Inc. was established in 2023 in Irvine, California and is led by Bum Joon (Thomas) Kim is the President & CEO at Seegene USA.

Our Mission

A leading developer of multiplex molecular assays, our mission is to create a new solution that supports a healthier life for everyone. To do this, Seegene tirelessly pursues innovation and takes on new challenges that help to advance our multiplex real-time PCR technologies and automated testing platforms.

What Sets Seegene Apart

Seegene delivers molecular PCR products capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously. Our high multiplex assays deliver comprehensive answers in a single test. These real-time PCR multi target technologies include:

DPO™ for amplification
TOCE™ for detection
MuDT™ for real-time analysis

Automated Solutions for
Unparalleled Molecular Testing

Seegene has instruments for molecular assays, including streamlined automation solutions for extraction and PCR setup, comprehensive coverage, for infectious disease testing, women’s health, and much more. These provide convenience in your lab work by minimizing hands-on time and maximizing performance and reliability.

Our Values

We will delight our customers

Everything we do—from designing our products, manufacturing our products, filling orders, service and support—shall be aimed at creating WOW moments for our customers.

Innovation drives our team

We take calculated risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations. Through innovation, we generate solutions for our customers and raise the bar—both within our workplace and throughout our industry.

We always act with integrity

We are honest, transparent, and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. We openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behavior.

We’re one Team on a mission

Seegene is made up of amazing individuals, but it’s only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. We’re committed to helping our customers by working together. The positive spirit with which we support each other fosters open, honest, and meaningful relationships. We invest in each other because we win or lose as a team.

Seegene Around the World

Seegene has established global sales networks covering more than 60 countries around the world, and 6 overseas subsidiaries in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East that drive and support Seegene’s global business operation. Seegene strives to satisfy customers in all these regions by listening and responding to their needs enthusiastically in a timely manner.

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