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Seegene to Introduce Novel Real-Time PCR Technology at ASM Microbe 2016

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Jun 08, 2016

– Introducing a new SG oligo system which significantly saves assay development time and cost
– Driving standardization of the molecular diagnostics technology with a new Universal SG Fluorescence oligo system and optimized real-time PCR service

SEOUL, South Korea, June 8, 2016 — Seegene will introduce a new real-time PCR technology, Universal SG Fluorescence Oligo System, that will standardize and simplify real-time PCR assay development. Seegene Inc.(096530.KQ), a leading developer of multiplex PCR technologies headquartered in South Korea, announced today that the company will attend ASM(American Society for Microbiology) Microbe 2016 from June 16 to 20 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston and will introduce its newly developed SG oligo system.

The SG oligo system is a new concept in real-time PCR technology that enables detection of hundreds of different targets of interest using only one Universal SG Fluorescence-labeled oligo. Conventionally, real-time PCR is limited in that a target-specific fluorescence-labeled oligo has to be used. Therefore, in order to perform real-time PCR experiments for 100 different targets, 100 different target-specific fluorescence-labeled oligos are required. As the cost of synthesis of fluorescence-labeled oligos is 10 to 50 times higher than that of non-labeled oligos, the cost of these experiments will increase significantly as the number of target increases.

To overcome the cost limitations of real-time PCR assay development, Seegene has developed a new universal fluorescence-labeled oligo system which can be applied to any number of different targets regardless of target types, anticipated to result in tremendous cost reduction. This will strengthen the competitiveness of Seegene’s real-time PCR technology not only for multiplex PCR, but also for singleplex PCR.

Through Seegene’s new SG oligo system, Seegene will offer a real-time PCR reagent service that automatically designs and synthesizes oligos completely optimized for the target sequences provided by research customers. This service will simplify the often complex development processes of conventional real-time PCR and the customer will be provided with a standardized complete reagent set upon inputting the target sequence of interest.

According to Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO and Founder of Seegene, “The one of the biggest obstacles of real-time PCR utilization is the high-cost of the main ingredient, fluorescence-labeled oligo. However, Seegene’s new Universal SG Fluorescence oligo technology is a new concept of technology that enables cost reduction to a fraction of other fluorescence-labeled oligo cost. It will be the technology standard that will replace current real-time PCR technologies.” Dr. Chun added, “Seegene’s new SG oligo technology will be a shortcut to lead the standardization of molecular diagnostics.

Seegene will offer a 1-month early access, free-trial program from July 1 to 31. Through this free-trial program, Seegene expects to demonstrate the superiority of its new real-time PCR technology.

About Seegene
Seegene is the world’s leading developer of multiplex molecular technologies and multiplex clinical molecular diagnostics(M-MoDx). Seegene’s core enabling technologies DPO™, TOCE™, and MuDT™ are the foundation for M-MoDx tests that can simultaneously detect multiple targets with high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. Seegene’s products detect multi-pathogens with great reliability and throughput, ultimately providing the most economical basis for saving time, labor and cost. Seegene’s mission is to maintain leadership in molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, genetics, pharmacogenetics, and oncology using innovative proprietary technologies.

Contact Information
Yoon Chung (, Tel: 82-2-2240-4082)
Alex Baek (, Tel: 82-2-2240-4025)

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