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Seegene Unlocks the Door to the Next Level of the Real-time PCR Business

Published on: PR Newswire SYS-CON MEDIA

SEOUL, South Korea, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Seegene Inc. (096530.KQ), the leading developer of multiplex PCR technologies, announced that it is entering into more innovative and powerful business realm by developing the Second-generation Real-time PCR Technology which has been recently patented in the United States and Europe.

Seegene’s Second-generation Real-time PCR Technology is the only analysis method that is capable of providing and analyzing multi-Ct (threshold cycle) values in a single detection channel, which offers simultaneous amplification of multiple genes and their real-time quantitative analysis. In addition, Seegene’s Universal SG Fluorescence-labeled oligo allows detection of any analytes with a single oligo, instead of using multiple target-specific oligos. This innovative technology is applied to Seegene’s lineup of flagship products, Allplex™, and the collaborative products that are currently being developed with other global partners.

The Real-time PCR is the most widely deployed technology in molecular diagnostics (MDx). Yet, majority of the technologies which have been used in the last 20-30 years, including TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, and Scorpions, are facing obstacles. The current development of multiplex MDx products is limited due to stereotyped approaches that can detect only one target per channel. These conventional technologies require fluorescence-labeled oligos to be specifically designed for each target DNA, which is time-consuming and costly for the development.

Seegene’s Second-generation Real-time PCR Technology is a breakthrough to these long-standing limitations to a wider adoption of real-time PCR. It is the only real-time PCR technology that is capable of providing and analyzing multi-Ct values in a single detection channel. A single reaction can analyze multiple analytes as well as the severity of infections simultaneously, which in turn provides the most appropriate information to the syndromic testing. Seegene considers the Second-generation Real-time PCR technology to be a world-class and the completion of MDx.

The Second-generation Real-time PCR Technology will also provide significant reductions in cost and time for assay development, as it adopts a ready-to-use Universal SG Fluorescence-labeled oligo to every target molecules, its utmost multiplexity. This will reduce the development time of multiplex assays dramatically, from what used to take over a year to only several weeks, and also cut the development costs down by 90%. It is claimed to be the only technology that overcomes the current restrictions of the real-time PCR, and the one that can be considered as the new standardized technology.

Empowered by the above-mentioned technology, Seegene is developing an automated assay development system. The remarkable will not only automatize the product development through in-silico, but all the other processes that are necessary in developing the MDx products, such as clinical trials, regulatory clearances and approvals, and production and quality controls. As a result, the product development time and the time-to-market will reduce remarkably. And by adapting this system, Seegene will expand its target market from single to high multiplex detections, and from RUO to IVD.

Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO and Founder of Seegene said, “The Second-generation Real-time PCR is the core technology that enables the wide use of multiplex MDx and the automated assay development. It will enable our business to expand into new areas, such as detections of pathogens in animals and plants, food safety and quarantine inspections.” He added, “Seegene will unveil the ‘One Platform MDx Solution’, by which a multitude of molecular diagnostic tests can be carried out on a single instrument. With this innovative approach, Seegene will drive a widespread use and standardization of the MDx.”

The Second-generation Real-time PCR Technology will contribute to Seegene’s product lineup expansions in various areas, including diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer, blood screening, and detection of drug resistance. Seegene continues to forge partnerships with various producers of raw materials around the world, such as oligo, enzymes, and extraction reagents, in order to strengthen its competitiveness and position in the global market.

About Seegene

Seegene is the world’s leading developer of multiplex molecular technologies and multiplex clinical molecular diagnostics (M-MoDx). Seegene’s core enabling technologies – DPO™, TOCE™, and MuDT™ – are the foundation for M-MoDx tests that can simultaneously detect multiple targets with high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. Seegene’s products detect multi-pathogens with great reliability and throughput, ultimately providing the most economical basis for saving time, labor and cost. Seegene’s mission is to maintain leadership in molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, genetics, pharmacogenetics, and oncology using innovative proprietary technologies. For more information, please visit

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