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Diagnostic Parasitology: As-Is and To-Be, A Roundtable on the Future

Credit: 1.0 ACCENT
Duration: 1 hour
Date: FEB.15.2023 3:00 p.m. – 04:00 p.m.
Level: Intermediate

Parasites are recognized as important gastrointestinal pathogens with significant patient, economic, environmental, and public health impacts in the US. Currently, clinical laboratory diagnosis is reliant on microscopic methods even with novel diagnostic testing alternatives available. Common and undesirable outcomes from this approach include delayed results, high labor costs, inefficiency in the laboratory operation, and questions on quality. Issues of quality may arise from technologist shortages and lack of skilled expertise in microscopy and morphology that can lead to errors in diagnosis and patient care. Novel methods may lack adequate coverage of the potential parasitic pathogens while sample types may be limited or difficult to process and test. As a result, labs often choose to send out for this test. This webinar will discuss different methods of diagnosing parasites, contrasting microscopic approaches with novel diagnostic testing alternatives.


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