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Dr. Hansen is the Chief Medical Officer for Seegene USA, Inc. and an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Hansen earned dual bachelor’s degrees in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Saskatchewan and his Ph.D in clinical microbiology from Royal University Hospital and the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Hansen has a fellowship in molecular genetics and molecular diagnostics from New York University, Langone Medical Center and New York Public Health Research Institute. He has completed a CPEP accredited fellowship in Clinical Microbiology and public health microbiology at the University of Washington. Dr. Hansen has over 20+ years experience as a director of clinical microbiology. He is the former director of microbiology and molecular diagnostics at Peace Health Labs in Eugene Oregon and the former director of clinical microbiology and core molecular diagnostics at Hennepin County Medical Center where he also served as the CPEP director for a clinical microbiology training program and faculty on a T32 infectious disease training grant at the University of Minnesota. Hansen has held NIH K and RO1 awards in the area of HIV diagnostics. Dr. Hansen is a member of the editorial staff for AIDS, and Clinical Microbiology Reviews.

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