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Seegene develops reagent detecting Covid-19 infection in 30 minutes

Published on Korea Biomedical Review

Seegene, a multiplex molecular diagnostics company, said that it has developed a diagnostic reagent that can identify the Covid-19 infection in 30 minutes.

Seegene’s new product, Allplex SARS-CoV-2 fast MDx Assay, has obtained the Conformity European In-Vitro Diagnostics (CE-IVD) marking. The company plans to release it to the market after taking necessary procedures, including the registration as a medical device for export, as soon as possible, it added.

Seegene explained that the new product could tell test results to testees in an hour at the latest, even when many tests are being made. 

Besides, the company applied All In One System (AIOS) equipment to it, taking care of all processes, from nuclear acid extraction to gene amplification and result analysis, in one-stop without going through the hands of experts one by one and making “ spot tests” far more convenient than before, it said.  

“Many countries that experienced the Omicron wave are hurrying up to introduce spot tests as a means of maintaining quarantine while restoring normal daily life,” said Lee Ho, president for global business at Seegene. “The new product, which has sharply reduced testing time while showing accuracy similar to the existing RT-PCR, will catalyze transforming the quarantine framework.” 

Lee added that Seegene, armed with reasonable pricing, will focus on markets that require massive spot tests to make an environment that provides easy and swift tests in daily life for everyone.  

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