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Seegene accelerates ‘Project 100’ by securing 30 co-development partners

Published on: scientifictechnologynews

Seoul, Korea, 2017/08/31 – Seegene, the world’s leading developer of multiplex molecular technologies and assays, announced that it has recently signed collaborative contracts with 30 general hospitals and reference laboratories across 15 nations for the co-development of ‘Project 100’ products. Contracting parties are mostly the largest commercial labs in the country, university hospitals, and institutions with major networks.

While Seegene contributes to the partnership with medical devices and reagents, the corresponding co-development partners offer clinical samples for assay development along with their insight on assay specification. Together, the parties will proceed through on-site clinical trials and data analysis.

A spokesperson from Seegene said, “Project 100 will gain momentum as Seegene has already seized multiple partnerships for development of meningitis, drug resistance and Helicobacter pylori assays, and is in active discussion with potential candidates for assay development in cancer diagnosis, blood screening, drug resistance, genotyping and more.”

Seegene is collaborating with experts and specialized institutions in each respective field to accomplish ‘Project 100’ as quickly as possible. Starting from the Catalan Institute of Oncology(ICO) in Spain and Labor Krone in Germany, Seegene has signed contracts with 30 major institutions across 15 countries including Italy, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Finland, Romania, Poland, Israel, Malaysia, India, Canada, and Mexico. As multiple co-development contracts are currently under discussion, more partnerships are expected to form in the near future.

Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO and Founder of Seegene said, “Many hospitals and reference laboratories from all over the world are showing avid interest in Seegene’s multiplex PCR technology, the leading reason being that our technology allows commercialization of desired products in the shortest time frame. We will continuously forge international joint development partners, and this solid global network will serve as a catalyst for the success of ‘Project 100’ and ‘Random Access System’.”

The goal of ‘Project 100’ is to set the groundwork for a single instrument to perform most of the available molecular diagnostic (MDx) tests. In efforts to accomplish this goal, Seegene plans to strategically develop 100 multiplex molecular diagnostics assays by 2018 in various areas such as infectious diseases, cancer and drug resistance, to diversify its product portfolio. The ‘Seegene Random Access System’ is an innovative MDx solution, and only adopted by Seegene. This unique system provides order-to-report on the same day by simultaneously performing high multiplex real-time PCR testing on a single platform, regardless of specimen and assay type.

Through ‘Project 100’, Seegene plans to apply its Random Access System to all new products to be launched in the future.

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